The Popularity of Telecommuting

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Since the internet allows us to do so much from home, telecommuting is become more common than ever.  Being able to work from home allows employees the opportunity to spend more time with their children while also cutting down the costs of having to commute to and from the office.  In addition, some people aim to be telecommuters because of the benefit to the environment. Keeping cars off the road means less fuel is being used and therefore a benefit to the environment at large. 


The trend for telecommuting continues to grow.  This is because more and more employers are seeing the benefits of allowing their employees to work from home.  In addition, faster internet speeds and the continued expansion of high speed services into rural regions has allowed more people the opportunity to work from home as well. 


It is no surprise that surveys show the number of people participating in telecommuting continues to grow year after year.  Surveys show that 25% of workers telecommuted in 2008.  However, that number had risen to 27.5% in 2009.  It was expected to rise again in 2009 and 2010 as more employers are allowing workers to complete at least some tasks from home.


It has also been shown that there are several advantages to telecommuting.  Most studies show that employees are happier and more productive when they are allowed to do some work from home.  As a result, the company is therefore more productive as well and happier workers will stay with the company longer.  There are several companies which have discovered the advantages of allowing their employees to telecommute.  For example, Booz Allen Hamilton, eBay, Gartner, Goldman Sachs, S.C. Johnson & Son, Yahoo, Qualcomm and Principal Financial Group are among the leaders of companies which offer employees flexible schedules and telecommuting benefits. 


New data shows that there are nearly fourteen million telecommuters in 2009.  These workers are usually of the Generation Y and Millennials who are more apt to demand instant gratification and don’t want to spend their time stuck in an office cubicle behind a desk.  In addition, this group of workers is more apt to multi-task while working and use technology more efficiently in order to get work done no matter where they are.  However, this way of working is also beginning to rub off on older workers who are also now demanding flexibility in the way they get their work done. 


Telecommuting is not a new thing for some companies such as Booz Allen Hamilton, but others are just beginning to see the advantages of allowing employees a more flexible schedule.  A flexible schedule not only makes since for one’s work life, but also for the home life as well.  For example, working for a flexible company allows parents more time to be at home with the kids.  However, none of this would be possible without the internet and the opportunities that it has afforded us. There is almost nothing that can’t be done online including working from home.

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The Popularity of Telecommuting

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The Popularity of Telecommuting

This article was published on 2011/12/22